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Tellapure, LLC

Tellapure, LLC is a cutting-edge, non-thermal plasma research and product development company dedicated to bringing innovative plasma technologies to commercial markets.  Our multidisciplinary team is focused on developing creative plasma-driven solutions for water conditioning, nitrogen fixation, and wastewater treatment for Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA).

Our Mission

Tellapure’s mission is to enhance crop yields, reduce negative environmental impacts of farming processes, and promote sustainable farming practices by optimizing water management in controlled indoor agricultural facilities.

Our goal is to be the standard in sustainable water solutions, contributing to global efforts for environmentally responsible indoor agriculture practices.  We are confident that through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability, our non-thermal plasma business will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of CEA systems..


The Need

Global population growth, growing water scarcity, and increasing environmental consciousness among consumers, have resulted in farmers being required to deploy agriculture technologies (agtech) and adopt agricultural management practices conserving natural resources such as water, soil, and air. 

Our Solution

Tellapure's solutions produce a chemical-free, environmentally friendly alternative to conventional agricultural treatment practices using only air, water, and proprietary plasma technologies.

Tellapure’s non-thermal plasma technologies result in the following:


  • A chemical-free water conditioning solution that destroys dissolved organic pollutants and decreases autotoxin build-up in CEA, reducing wastewater

  • An ability to produce nitrates on-demand, which eliminates the need to transport, store, and handle traditional fertilizers, thereby mitigating costs and environmental risks

  • Increased dissolved oxygen concentrations that promote plant health and improve nutrient uptake and crop yields

  • A reduction or elimination of system degradation due to biofouling

  • A process that includes chemical-free fruit and vegetable harvest washing and disinfection that reduces pathogens and eliminates chemical residue


Tellapure will serve the emerging sustainable agriculture market with smart water management, novel irrigation efficiencies, and a smaller chemical footprint.  We aim to draw from the knowledge of scientific communities who work in plasma, agriculture, food processing and packaging, with a goal of identifying and developing applications throughout the supply chain of food production.  The transfer of Tellapure’s plasma technology to industry will be based on our understanding of plasma’s most important processes with further considerations including regulatory oversight, energy consumption, food safety and quality. 

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